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The appropriate plans, documentation, photos and reports for your Town Planning Application are prepared. Council has a check list of what is required for an application and there are minor differences from council to council.
Council will review the documentation and advise (within 28 days) if they require further information. If a Request for Further Information is received, it must be sent to council within their timeframes. At this stage, council may advise that there needs to be design amendments made before they are willing to advertising the application. When council is satisfied that they have the required information, they will advise that the application is ready to be advertised. Council will provide an A1 advertising sign that must be filled in with information such as the planning application number, the type of application being made and when the advertising period closes. This sign needs to be erected on the site, in a clear and prominent position for a period of 14 days.

Council will arrange for letters to be sent to the neighbours advising of the proposed development, along with copies of the proposed plans. During this period, neighbours may object to the development. They must do this in writing, within the 14 day period and refer to a breach of planning law.

Once council has reviewed the application and any objections received from neighbours, they need to make a decision to grant or refuse the town planning permit application. They may issue a Notice of Decision to Grant a Permit (where objections have been received), a Planning Permit or a Refusal to Grant a Permit.
Council may have conditions that need to be adhered to. These conditions will sometime be the mechanism used to address the concerns of any objectors.

This is where the process ends, unless an objection is made to VCAT on the decision made or the conditions imposed.
The Town Planning Permit can be a time consuming part of the development process. It is important to engage with council early to gain the confidence of the planner and support for your project; at JOVAND HOMES we can help you take the burden of Town Planning off you, with our experties in Town Planning this is possible.

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